Dr. Mariam Murad | Founder of TOEZERCISE

A passionate medical doctor with profound interest in natural healing and is keenly improving community wellness via education. Dr. Murad, a natural health expert with international qualifications in health/related areas and accompanying international experience. This uniqueness gives Dr. Murad, the broad background and understanding necessary to assemble her TOEZERCISE © Program, which is quickly gains national success within a very short period of time.

Dr. Murad originally designed this specific, science-based, natural exercise technique for her less active and unwell mother. Since then, for over two decades, she has taught countless individuals around the world and continues to empower all ages via her natural exercise education, improving their overall health and enhancing their quality of daily life. Physical activity is vital for every living person and the beneficial effects of exercise are proven over and over in countless studies and researches, globally.

Physical Activity Is Key

Exercise Benefits Your Health At Any Age

Exercise Is Better For Your Health Than Medications

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