Always on the go?

Are you neglecting the most 
important part of your body?

Your Feet!

It’s our passion to educate you on proper foot care to attain and maintain your foot health.

The need to use our feet is less and the more we sit, the weaker our feet become.

The less you walk, the more sedentary you’ll become.

The purpose of TOEZERCISE is to give you an option to make your feet stronger and more able to support you.

Personal Coach

Turn your Health and Wellness Vision into reality. Work with the best to attain immediate results.

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Murad strives to reach and teach, everyone in society, with a few health tips to elevate self-awareness for self-care.


We offer personal and professional wellness workshops for individuals or groups with hands-on activities.

Online Training

Combine traditional education with personalized transformational education to see a 100% new you.


Experience how a private retreat can change your entire life in just a weekend.

Upcoming Events

A wide variety of personal, family, and corporate events of a talk, 1-3 days, or 7-10 days for families with children/grandparents.

Improve Health Without Motion

Baby Boomers are the fastest growing population in America from 2011 and continuing for the next two decades. Americans turning 65 years will outnumber all other ages in America. With longevity, we desire, we need, and we demand a better quality for life.

Personal Coach

Why only dream of being healthy? Why spend life, clinging to an illusion of wellness?

Turn your dreams into a reality, learn how to live an active and achieving life. Flip your Health and Wellness Vision into reality. Work directly 1:1 in small groups, learning from the best of the best on how to live your dreams. Have your health and wellness challenges and concerns answered in a timely, practical and simple solution.

Online Training

A completely new, non-traditional approach to targeted teaching to non-conventional students of all ages, basic essentials of good health & wellness curriculum.

Not taught elsewhere or by anyone, world-wide. No longer is a doctor’s prescription your only option for maintaining your health. Get equipped with the essentials and take your wellness matters into your own hands. After all you are the one living your life. Now make better educated wellness decisions.


We explain the basics, we elevate your skill set, we empower you with wellness tools, and we provide a much valued life-long education.

Precisely your needs to directly apply to improve your personal health & wellness concerns. We discuss reasons what, why, when and how, so you understand your personal needs and act wisely. All workshops for individuals or groups with hands-on.

Dr. Murad’s personal commitment to wellness education is commendable, she teaches you wellness tools with great purpose and passion.

Sign up for our upcoming April – August workshops in Florida, Texas and California. Check back for updates or suggest one to us.

Speaker Engagements

An expert and experienced health & wellness professional, leaves organizers request booking for a return event.

Dr. Murad speaks to wide range of audiences, ranging from her devoted causes, multi-national, multi-cultural to corporate events. Every attendee experiences the foundations of an educational transformation. With understanding, healing, growth and development takes place.


Experience how a timely retreat can change your entire life in just a weekend. We keep our numbers small to give each personalized attention.

We believe there is growth potential in each one of us, and at all ages of life. We are national, join us or tell us your preference and we will arrange a retreat for your group / company, in your city.

Our retreats are designed for progressive personal growth and life time learning, suits all ages. Our retreats defy the odds and reinvent your wellness in your new and unique way.

Sign up for our upcoming April – August retreats in Florida, Texas and California. Check back for updates or suggest one to us.

Upcoming Events

TOEZERCISE is national, coast-to-coast from California to New York, for corporates, for community, for family and for individuals.

We offer a wide selection of wellness talks, or events ranging from a weekend to a week. The most important thing is we deliver the wellness results you want by using proven and research health strategies.

Sign up for our upcoming April – August events in Florida, Texas and California. Check back for updates or suggest one to us.


Corporate, Top Management, CEOs, Executives, and Company Presidents:


What is the best exercise for CEOs?

The one you can do with your suit and tie on! Your body continues to function 24 hours every day. Benefits of daily exercise are proven and well documented.

How to wear healthy heels for chic female executives?

Heels are an essential part of the smart female anatomy.
A woman in heels thinks, moves, and acts dynamically. The trick is, how to wear healthy heels.

What is the best wellness tip for traveling executives?

TOEZERCISE, the exercise solution for busy individuals, always on the go. Learn to use your internal gym, for details sign up for our retreat or host an event.

Best wellness tool for Senior Executives with health concerns?

Natural solutions always should be added with seniors using regular medication. The natural exercise is the best and most under utilized remedy.

Family Members All Ages:


As a family care giver, I’m not always at home to take care of my elderly parents. How can TOEZERCISE help my parents, they don’t speak English.

Dr. Murad originally designed this natural exercise program for her less active and unwell mother. At home, self-exercising according to the specific program, her mother was mobile despite her arthritic knees and a bad back. TOEZERCISE strengthens the feet for elderly parents to stand up on their own, and be able walk about their house.

Young to middle aged adults have no time to exercise. Work and social media overfill the day. How does TOEZERCISE help?

The best solution is health and wellness education. Simple,easy, and economical that will last a lifetime. Start by reading the E-books on the website.

I’m pregnant, now at 8th months unable to drive to the gym, I’m concerned of not getting my gym exercise at all. What should I do?

In the last trimester of pregnancy, body’s joints and muscles adapt to the expanding size. Daily TOEZERCISE is the best exercise for pregnancy it greatly benefits both mother and their developing baby during pregnancy, post-delivery, even after C-section.

Close to retiring and stating collecting social security soon. I’m scared of becoming old and senile. What is the best advice for me?

To keep your body running at your 65th birthday, TOEZERCISE is phenomenal for seniors, loyal followers TOEZERCISE 3/day with their medicine. To remain mobile and independent, TOEZERCISE is the Baby Boomer’s best friend.

What’s the best exercise for growing children?

Outdoor sports are best for the growing up years. However for any reason, be it flu, sickness, weather, travel, school, special children; where the child is unable to go outside to play, TOEZERCISE is one exercise the greatly assists circulation and is a gentle touch that the child likes and finds soothing.

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